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Where Creativity Meets Success: Our Stellar Portfolio.

Unveiling Digital Excellence tailored just for you.

Our Portfolio

Discover our impressive portfolio showcasing the successful projects delivered by Picspanel. From stunning web designs to impactful marketing campaigns, our work demonstrates the expertise and results we achieve for our clients. Get inspired and envision the possibilities for your own project. Partner with us to turn your digital goals into reality.

Flow of Work Co

Flow of Work Co connects the skills and aspirations of your employees to existing opportunities within your business, helping you develop, upskill and retain critical talent.


Conesult is a virtual business incubator with full access to business incubation services at any time. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a business community with step-by-step guidance, access to feedback, consultation, and a professional network, Conesult is the right solution for you.


Go-Chanakya has developed a revolutionary assessment tool, to uncover behavioral biases and identify best-suited investment products. This assessment creates a unique mind map to understand one’s investing approach.

Amalgamation Pvt Ltd.

Provides custom information technology consultancy and services for clients in Singapore. 

Paragon One

Remove Barriers and Drive Student Employability at Scale. Remote Externships empower your employees to launch strategic projects with diverse students at scale without burdening teams and budget.

Great Kapital

Great Kapital is a supplier aggregator platform which is revolutionizing how supply chains operate in India. Great Kapital helps all stakeholders within the supply chain, from MSME suppliers to the largest corporates in India, improve their operations and access financing at the best rates.


Jeevitam is India's Livelihood Platform, redefining the way people seek work, find work and get hired. Across industries and across segments be it blue collar/white collar/grey collar, Jeevitam is working on getting people to work.


Medetrek is an online platform for Incident management that addresses Fire Dept. billing. as a bridge to Mobile Integrated Health.

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